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Building ZeroMQ for Android

This weekend I ran ZeroMQ on the Android platform. The ZeroMQ website gives instructions on how to build ZeroMQ for Android and (surprise, surprise) I got errors following them. At least I wasn’t alone. Fellow blogger Victor was just as lucky as me. He solved these errors, and what’s even better, he created a set of scripts which correctly build ZeroMQ for Android. Alas, running “make all” on the project gave me the following error:

The compiler complained because it couldn’t find some Android NDK header files which had their location changed in the latest release of the NDK (at the time of the writing the version is R8b). This was an easy fix. I just passed some flags to the compiler specifying the new header file locations. On my GitHub page, you’ll find a fork of Victor’s project which applies the fix. Enjoy!

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