Hello Internet, I’m Claude, an independent software contractor living on the island of Malta.

A task given to me at my second job was to write training material about an open-source framework used in several organisations. I never thought of myself as a gifted writer and I certainly preferred writing code than documenting it. Despite of all this, I felt a certain sense of clarity about the framework while drawing diagrams for presentation slides and writing accompanying training manuals. A kind of clarity that wouldn’t be obtained only by reading books or sitting at classes. My theory is that the act of writing forced me to address the weaknesses in the model of understanding I had in my head about the framework.

This blog was created in order to improve my understanding of software as well as share my thoughts with the rest of the community. Fellow professionals I follow include Martin Fowler, Dan North, and Fred George.

I offer on-site as well as remote consultancy services. If you like how my thought processes work and think I can be of help to your organisation, you can get in touch with me by connecting on LinkedIn.